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1. Write a letter to the chairman of your local government council inviting him to launch your youth club. Give him a short history of the club and any other relevant information.



Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

Farming is the most important aspect of agriculture that has attracted attention within the last few years. Agriculture has several other aspects like fishery, livestock, and poultry. All these are also important in that they have to do with the production of food items that human beings consume for survival.

In many parts of the world today, farming has been regarded as the mainstay of the economy. Crops such as cocoa, rubber, and cotton have been produced in such commercial quantities that they are sold to other countries. Some countries have a better comparative advantage in producing certain farm crops than other countries. In these other countries, there is the need to spend a lot of money on agriculture, particularly farming. Most farmers use outmoded tools. A lot of them have no place to store their crops, most of which are always destroyed by insects and pests before harvest time. All these have adverse effects on their productivity.

The government can do a lot to help farmers. Farmers’ co-operative Societies can be encouraged and loans can be made available to farmers through government institutions like banks and finance corporations. Farmers can be taught how to build good storage structures for their produce. All these and a lot more can help to improve the conditions of farming in these countries.

(a)        Why is farming regarded as the most important aspect of agriculture?

(b)       What makes the difference between one country and another with regard to agriculture?

(c)        State two problems facing farmers in most countries

(d)       Mention three steps that the government should take in other to assist farmers

(e)        What would happen to farmers if the government took the necessary steps to address their problems

(f)        …..which human beings consume for survival

(i)   What is the grammatical name given to this expression?

(ii)   What is its function as it is used?


(g)        For each of the following words, find another word or phrase that means the same and can replace it as it is used in the passage

(i)  attracted   (ii) commercial  (iii) countries   (iv) particularly  (v) adverse  (vi) structures



In each of the following sentences, there is one underlined word and one gap. From the list of words lettered A – D, choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

1. Michael is stingy but his brother is _______ (a) generous (b) kind  (c) humane

(d) hospitable

2. The once unknown musician became _______ in a very short time (a) popular

(b) accepted  (c) respected  (d) admirable

3. Issa is very much interested in education while his sister is _______ (a) dull

(b) indifferent  (c) uncertain  (d) serious

4. Halima likes to dwell on trivial, rather than _______ matters (a) strong  (b) popular

(c) weighty  (d) heavy

5. Algebra seems complicated, but with practice it becomes _______  (a) solved  (b) simple  (c) accessible  (d) achievable

From the words lettered A – D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.

6. Everyone has the urge to succeed in life (a) need  (b) courage  (c) desire (d) compulsion

7. When he heard the gunshot, he ran into a thick forest (a) tight  (b) deep  (c) dense

(d) close

8. The politician is a fluent speaker (a) an eloquent  (b) a superficial  (c) an insightful

(d) a persuasive

9. Our stationery supplies are exhausted (a) finished  (b) completed  (c) consumed

(d) destroyed

10. The prescribed textbooks are difficult to find in the bookshops (a) highlighted  (b) right  (c) actual   (d) recommended

After each of the following sentences,  a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence

11. When Alice was told about the death of her grandmother she did not turn a hair. This means that Alice  (a) did not cut her hair for the burial rites  (b) did not show any emotions  (c) did not look up so people would not see her cry. (d) was annoyed

12. My neighbor’s husband is as dull as ditch-water. This means that my neighbor’s husband (a) swims (b) is extremely boring  (c) is phlegmatic  (d) does not like trouble

13. Ever since that issue came up, I have been sitting on the fence. This means that I have been (a) continuously in trouble  (b) sitting alone in the house  (c) walking around to find  a job  (d) avoiding stating my opinion

14. Our mother always warns us against washing our dirty linen in public. This means that she warns us (a) not to discuss private matters in public  (b) to fetch enough water for washing  (c) not to soil our clothes  (d) to keep our mouths shut

15. Akin is too full of himself. This means that Akin (a) talks too much  (b) eats too much

(c) is too proud  (d) is quite annoying

From the words lettered  A – D, choose the word that best completes each of the following


16. The _______ of secondary and higher education is high in their country. (a) money

(b) cost  (c) price  (d) fees

17. The president was among the _______ at the football match. (a) congregation

(b) spectators  (c) audience  (d) crowd

18. The young preacher spoke loudly from the _______ (a) stage  (b) high table  (c) pulpit  (d) rostrum

19. The old man prayed for the _______ of his sins before he died (a) omission

(b) commission  (c) permission  (d) remission

20. The management will not be responsible for any _______ of parcel (a) lose  (b) loose (c) lost  (d) loss

21. I have lived in Abuja _______ ten years (a) since  (b) for  (c) ever since  (d) like

22. The man who has fifty people in his household cannot give them three _______ meals (a) squire  (b) score  (c) round   (d) square

23. If I _______ you, I would take permission from the teacher before leaving the school. (a) am (b) was  (c) were  (d) be

24. Neither Audu nor Binta _______ done the assignment (a) having  (b) had  (c) have

(d) has

25. He had _______ the poison before his wife saw him (a) drank  (b) drink  (c) drunk

(d) drinking

26. It’s good to be good, _______? (a) doesn’t it  (b) is it  (c) isn’t it   (d) does it

27. Religion teaches all people to love _______ (a) themselves (b) their selves  (c) one another  (d) each other

28. _______ to see you in the chemistry laboratory? (a) would I come (b) shall I come

(c) will I come  (d) might I come

29. I congratulate you _______ your brilliant performance (a) at  (b) in   (c) on  (d) for

30. The thief _______ escaped has been recaptured (a) whom  (b) whose  (c) which  (d) who

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