[COMPLETE] List Of Schools That Accept Awaiting Result For Admission In JAMB 2021

List of schools that accept awaiting result in jamb

List Of Schools That Accept Awaiting Result In JAMB For Admission in 2021. This page contains everything you need to know about schools that accept awaiting result and how to use awaiting result for admission in JAMB 2021.list of schools that accept awaiting result for admission in jamb 2021

Are you looking for the list of schools that accept awaiting result In JAMB 2021/2022 for admission? Then, you will find everything you need to know in this article.

The problem with many UTME candidates is that they are not properly informed. In this guide, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about using awaiting O’level result for JAMB registration and admission exercise.

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If you want to register and fill JAMB form, you may wondering if your school of choice accepts awaiting result.

I have seen some aspirants saying that some courses like Medicine and surgery, Pharmacy, law and Engineering courses do not allow awaiting result.

If you have heard anything like that, let go of it as if is very far from the TRUTH.

So, what’s the gist?

The truth is that EVERY school (Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of education and innovative enterprises) ACCEPT awaiting result. Continue reading to get the full gist.

What I am saying is that you can register for JAMB 2021 and fill ANY University, Polytechnic, College of education and course of your choice without having your O’level result at that time.

The BIGGEST MISTAKES UTME candidates make on the issue of awaiting result is that they don’t even understand what awaiting result really means or how to use it.

I am going to explain that in this article.

Still confused?

Calm down, take a seat and join me as I take you through the journey on how to use awaiting result for admission in 2021.

What Is An Awaiting Result?

It is not funny but some people still get the meaning of awaiting result wrong.

Now, I will quickly give a short but concise meaning of awaiting results.

An awaiting result is used to refer to:

  1. The result of an O’level examination you have done but the result has not yet been released AT ALL. For example, if you sat for WAEC/NECO GCE in 2020 and your result has not been released, then that is an awaiting result.
  2. The result of an O’level exam you have done but the result was withheld. If your NECO result was withheld, then that is also an awaiting result.

This is not very dependable as not all withheld results are released. 

So, if your WAEC/NECO/WAEC GCE/NECO GCE 2020 result was withheld and you want to register for JAMB 2021, it will be a smart move to register for one of these exams in 2021.

  1. An O’level exam you have not done but will be doing very soon in 2021 so that it will be released before admission processes for your school of choice starts.

If you fall in any of the three (3) categories mentioned above, then you have an awaiting result and can register for JAMB 2021 without any problem.

This takes us to the question, “how can I use awaiting result for admission in 2021”.

How To Use Awaiting Result For Admission In 2021

All you need to do is to go to a JAMB accredited centre, pay for JAMB registration and fill your JAMB form.

When you get there, tell them you want to use awaiting result for registration.

Your registration will be done and you can sit for JAMB 2021.

See how to pass JAMB 2021 easily.

After your O’level result is released (before the admission for your school of choice starts), you will be REQUIRED to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal.

You might be wondering, “how do I upload my O’level result on JAMB portal”, see it below.

As soon as you upload your O’level result on JAMB portal, you are good to go!

Some people still say, “what if I don’t pass my WAEC/NECO in 2021?”

Well, that won’t be a surprise question from people that have not been visiting this blog. In some of my previous guides, I have already explained how to BLAST WAEC/NECO in on sitting without any expo!

If you can digest and follow the secrets revealed in those articles, passing WAEC/NECO won’t be a problem.

Bottom Line

Every school in Nigeria accepts awaiting result in JAMB 2021 registration.

All you need to do is to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal after registration as soon as it is released.

That is all on the topic, “List of schools that accept awaiting result and how to use awaiting result for admission”. I hope you enjoyed the article.

We love to hear from you. Use the comment section below if you have any question or opinion on the topic. Also, don’t forget to share it using the share buttons below.

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129 Comments on “[COMPLETE] List Of Schools That Accept Awaiting Result For Admission In JAMB 2021”

  1. I had D7 in english language and I want to do part time program can I be offered admission and rewrite the English before I finish my ND program. Hope it won’t have any effect on my ND result?

  2. Pls sir did kasu accepting awaiting result iwrote nabteb and the result is not been release pls what should I do

  3. I failed only mathematics in this gce results that was just uploaded.
    Can I use it to gain admission and upload it later after another GCE .
    I heard some school does that.

  4. Very detailed. Pls, I wish my sister sits for JAMB 2021 with awaiting result group 3. Can she go ahead as the whole education system is now?

  5. Sir I wrote my jamb this year.and am using awaiting result and the school I chossed ibarapa polytechnic form is out am I allow to apply for it

  6. I have my jamb results already and I want to right neco how will do and I want to get admitted this year please help out

  7. Pls can i register and sit for post utme in buk with awaiting result? and if am only going to write neco by this year.

      1. please I was using awaiting result , so now Redeemer poly give me admission without me uploading my olevel results please what can I do now?

  8. Does offapoly accept awaiting result of nabteb 2020,the nabteb is starting september 21,and the offapoly form is closing on sept 13,can the result work

  9. Sir I sat for jamb this year
    Yes I scored 222 for Laspotech first choice and am here to do my neco
    Have not uploaded my o’level result and post utme form close on the 21 of September

  10. sir i upload a wrong jamb result in my post utme sreening exam
    sir is they any thing i will do about that
    and do u no when is waec result is coming out

  11. Greetings sir, Pls I want to use my neco result Since my waec is not okay enough but am yet to write it Before I can upload the result so my question is do laspotech accept awaiting result cause I don’t wanna stay at home this year pls. Do they accept awaiting result?

  12. Sir pls i filled in a wrong subject when applying for post utme and it is an awaiting result, sir pls if i upload a different result after my waec 2020 result has been released will it affect my admission process in any way. Pls i need an urgent answer

  13. I had d7 in english in my waec and am about to sit for this 2020 neco and I use awaiting result in jamb registration will I be able to collect yabatech post utme form due to this pendamic

  14. Sir i wrote jamb and i scored 242 But i applied with awaiting result …..now i wish to change my school of choice to last and am using NEco as the waiting result….will neco result be released before last start giving admission?

    1. I am not sure about that but WAEC results should be released before then. Also, it depends on your school’s admission starting and ending date.

  15. Sir, I apply awaiting results for my jamb registration..and i want to use sit for wassce private candidate examination…my question is: can I still get admission into eksu or lasu this year sir

  16. Good morning sir, I have got my jamb score 171 but my English and literature in waec is d7 but I want to write gce don’t know if Lagos polytechnic will accept me??

  17. Sir considering the fact that waec and neco exams were indefinitely postponed, how possible is it for someone that used awaiting result, because the exam is yet to start and post utme forms will be out any moment,.

  18. Sir, pls I wrote waec 2018 and my economics result was not recorded in my certificate and it one of the important subject for my courses, I put awaiting result for jamb because I want write GCE will I gain admission with the waec result

  19. Sir pls will Uni abuja accept neco awaiting results and can someone study there with 190 as cut off mark and accounting as a course

    1. Sir have sit for my jamb this year,and have not wrote my waec, did they accept me in (naub) for using awaiting result this year.

  20. Dear sir I had neco result 2019 then, I wanna to write WAEC 2021 can i get admission into FUGASHUA with NECO result……..

  21. Sir i sat for the jamb this 2020 with awaiting result and i made it . and i also registre for necothis yr would thé result be released before utme screening.

  22. I wrote 2020 jamb and I’m using awaiting result into kwarapoly
    Will I be accepted with my awaiting result

  23. Pls sir, i picked geography as one of my subject combinations for mass comm alongside literature, government and english. And i scored 240. Do you think its a good choice for BSUM.

  24. Please sir , I used awaiting result and I scored 208 in jamb , is there any hope for admission into Ambrose Alli University to study medicine and surgery ?

  25. Sir pls i currently registered for waec 2020,and i also registered for jamb with an awaiting result…..bt i also wrote waec in 2015 bt i failed literature and dats y am writing again this year…..bt sir just incase this one is not also good,can i use my 2015 waec result to go 4 screening?…since i registered jamb with awaiting result, is it possible to use an old result?

    1. Yes, when your new WAEC result comes out. If you decide to use the 2015 own, you will just simply upload the 2015 result on JAMB portal and you can use it for screening. There is no problem with that.

    1. Sure, just make sure you upload the O’level result as soon as it is out, most preferably before the Post UTME form comes out.

        1. As long as the result is released before the Post UTME starts, there is still no problem.

  26. Please I registered for jamb 2020 and I use awaiting result, cause I’m not with my neco result while registering and I’ve done the exam at 2019. If I want to upload my result at jamb portal, can I use the exam result for 2019

  27. Sir please am using awaiting results in my 2020 jamb, can i go for my screening in uniuyo without my o level result, because am writing my neco this year

    1. Sure, just make sure you upload your O’level result on JAMB portal before the Post UTME form is released.

  28. I wrote Waec GCE BT d result is not. That good and I have already registered for jamb.if I should write neco GCE in October can I still meet the admission list

  29. sir am sitting for this year jamb,and my jamb is on waiting result,and I want to sit for neco will imsu accept it.


  31. I already wrote waec in 2019 but still I don’t go along with my waec result and I have to use awaiting result when going to register .hope I am save

  32. Please Sir I failed my maths in my waec and now I want to sit for neco is it possible for me to use awaiting result for part time.

  33. Am using waec GCE 2019 but the result has not been released and I choose fed poly ekiti and they have already pasted their admission list what should I do

  34. Sir i wrote only waec and my jamb and utme score is up to required. But my only problem is that my waec result is been withheld. I applied for imo state university.
    I can’t guess what my waec would look like although i know i did my best.
    What if at the end of everything i am been given admission but my waec did not come out this year, would it affect my studies?

  35. Please, if waec result is withheld and I want to do processing on Ibadan poly,pls wat % assurance that I may be admitted so that I may do GCE these year and submit to the portal later

  36. Sir I choose fuoye their screening is ending on the 3rd of August an am using neco awaiting result wat shud I do

  37. I choose laspotech as third choice and am still writing neco can I do screening and get admission with awaiting results

  38. Sir,does Uniosun accept awaiting result because their post utme form will close on the 9th of August And will waec result be released before then?

  39. I registered jamb with awaiting result
    But I’m just writing neco, can I request for post utme or when the results is out

  40. Sir, I did 2019 jamb with awaiting result and I am presently doing my neco which the exam is still ongoing and the post utme form for my school of choice is already out and will be close by July 30 in which I don’t think the neco result will be out before the utme form Close.. Pls Sir, what are to do? I am scared and clueless

  41. I applied for Alex Ekwueme federal university ndufu alike ikwo.
    And I’m writing neco don’t know if my result will be out before the admission date

  42. I used awaiting o’level results for my DE registration but according to what I heard that DE has closed.how will I be able to upload my results?

    1. I had D7 in english language can I use the result for admission and rewrite the d7 later. Hope it won’t have any effect on me

  43. Sir,i registered for 2019 jamb,but my o’level result is yet to complete and i want to write waec gce sept/oct 2019,will i be offer admission this year sir

  44. i bought jamb with awaiting results and wen it came out no lit, and I later found out dat, I can’t study the course I want without lit in eng, pls sir what else will do ?

  45. Hello sir I am using awaiting result am afraid if I don’t upload the o level result before admission process I might lose the chance of gaining admission . your advice sir how can I go about it?

  46. Sir does UI accept awaiting result coz am writing my neco June July and it’s like that’s the same date for UI post utme

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